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It’s a pleasant mix of creative design and skillful execution that makes the best extensions in London. Meet the unassuming and exquisite Extravagant Hair, CEO, Extravagant Hair.
Extravagant Hair is a London based certified professional wig manufacturer who is the mastermind behind Extravagant Hair. Her passion and innate skillfulness for hair has set her on a course about 10 years ago, where she commenced merchandising ready-made wigs. In 2010 she progressed to altering and styling these ready-made wigs. In 2013 her passion unabated it occurred to her to that she could create something more amazing than simply styling ready-made wigs. There began the journey of nurturing her strong desire to manufacture exclusive custom made best hair extensions in london and the birth of Extravagant Hair with the intention to make waves in the Fashion and Beauty Industry.
Hence, to diversify her style and broaden her horizon in wig art, she approached a reputable wig factory where she underwent training which enhanced a more complex professional. She supplemented this training with the purchase of various wig making equipment and machines, in the effort to ignite a pleasant mix of uniqueness and elegance. All of which are the essentials of commercial wig making.
Subsequent to the pursuance of this 5-year journey of active development, Extravagant Hair began to fine-tune her target audience and successfully attracted clients from all over Europe and Africa. To further satisfy clients, Extravagant Hair visited a handful of wig companies in China to figure out more aesthetic looks and styles in the wig industry.
The excellent and superior quality of wigs produced at Extravagant Hair is absolutely stunning and unmatched. Did you know that Extravagant Hair explores various countries even continents to source the finest quality hair most suitable for professional wig production?
Extravagant Hair is a bespoke wig and weaves artificer, dealing exclusively in the finest Russian, Mongolian, Indian, and Extravagant Luxe hair. Under the creative directorship of Veronica Landsberg, Extravagant Hair’s design style has been dubbed enthrallingly eccentric.
Your very own flamboyant, simple or elegant professionally made wig is an absolute must and Veronica is the right lady to link up with for an amazing unit.

Our Story

The Beginning

Our organization has started its services of best extensions in London in 2016 in the united kingdom. Now it has expanded its services to most countries such as Europe, China, America, and India. Our valuable clients have always been worthwhile assets in our successful journey.

Searching our Style

We are always up to date in the fashion industry and fulfill our client’s desires in every possible way. Our brand has been very curious about the client’s satisfaction in their searching style. In this era of the changing of trends, we always guide our dearest clients in their best favor, so we are a trendsetter company for our followers.


Working from the kitchen table, the orders gradually increased and the days got busier & busier. Never, ever though was the individual, personal connection with each customer compromised. To cope with the increase in orders, the Simply Wigs family began to grow. And grow. It was time to move away from the kitchen table and become grown-ups for a reputed company of hair wigs for women, with proper premises.

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